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Need to sell your West Texas home FAST? Read this!

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

So, I work with a lot of home sellers in West Texas, and they often tell me that they want to sell their property as quickly as possible. They have some kind of time deadline, and they need to get their home sold and they don’t want it sitting on the market month after month just waiting around for a buyer to come for them. To sell their homes quickly I do these 4 things.

Number 1 - Before your property ever hits the market you must prepare it for the market. Home buyers want a move in ready property, and they will fight aggressively for it. All of those little maintenance things that you’ve been putting off, you got to knock them out. When home buyers see these little deferred maintenance items, they start thinking wow, this guy hasn’t been cleaning his gutters or painting his trim, what else is he not doing that I can’t see. When this happens it’s a huge turn-off to the home buyer, because all they’re thinking about is what else is wrong with the property. Along with that, make sure your landscape is clean and trimmed. Your home’s curb appeal makes a huge difference when people 1st see your property, and the 1st thing people will often see is the exterior of your home. If you want to attract as many home buyers as quickly as possible, make sure your landscape and your curb appeal are cleaned and trimmed.

Number 2 - Professional staging has absolutely shown to sell properties faster and for more money. However, the decision to stage a home is a case-by-case basis and I don’t always think that it’s worth the cost. Most of the time your furniture is going to do just fine for staging, but you can apply certain principles from staging, like decluttering your home. I always advise my home sellers to declutter their home’s the best they can. How good you present your property to home buyers, will absolutely influence how many offers you get, how quickly you get them and how much is offered.

Number 3 - Let’s talk about price. If you want to get your home sold quickly, if you have to be honest with yourself about what your home’s market value is. I sometimes work with home seller’s that say, Lainie I want to list my home $20,000 above market value. They explain, we can just lower the price later on, it’s no big deal. What they don’t understand is that your home is most valuable the day it hits the market. After that, it’s just not as valuable in the eyes of home buyers. So, if you wait 2 weeks before you lower the home’s price to the market value, you’re probably not going to get market value anymore. Home buyers start to lose interest in homes that have been on the market that long, because they start thinking that there must be something wrong with the house. Home buyers also start thinking that the home sellers are getting desperate and that they’re probably going to take less for the property. So, if you want to sell your property quickly, you have to price it right.

Number 4 - The last thing you can do to sell your home quickly is focus on your online presentation. This falls more on your real estate agent than anything. Having a great online presentation is the 1st step to even get home buyers to come and look at your property. So personally, what I do is I always hire a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures of your home. After the professional photographer's take the pictures, they go back and edit the photos to really make them stand out amongst all the other home for sell. Also, depending on the property, I will often do a video tour and aerial photographs. All of these things influence your online presentation which is the very 1st step to getting buyers that actually come and look at your property.

To recap. The 4 areas I would focus on is. 1 – Prepare your home for sell by taking care of all those little maintenance items and focus on curb appeal. 2 – Stage your home for success and focus on decluttering as much as possible. 3 – You have to price your home right. Listing your home for the wrong price will impact how fast your home sells and how much it sells for. 4 – Focus on your online presentation. Great pictures and video make a huge difference in getting your home sold quickly.

I love people and I love real estate. If you have any real estate questions, give me a call.

NOTE- If you’re planning on selling and are in the market for a top agent to make it happen, I would love to help!

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