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Thinking of selling your West Texas home? Avoid these 6 common mistakes

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

  1. Not using a real estate expert - I'm a top Lubbock, Texas real estate agent and my experience selling homes has taught me how to get the highest value for your home while protecting you from any legal liabilities.

  2. Pricing your home too high or too low - I'm an expert at pricing homes, because I'm an expert on the Lubbock real estate market. If you want to know what the value of your home is, then give me a call (806-928-4453). We'll schedule a time for us to meet so I can do a price analysis and we can discuss prices that similar homes in your neighborhood are selling for. It's critical that we meet at your home so you can show me the unique aspects of your home, which will help me determine the highest value we can sell your home for.

  3. Not taking care of home repairs prior to sale - Take it from an expert, not repairing your home prior to sale will cost you, BIG. I know what home buyers and home inspectors look for and what needs to be fixed before we put your home on the market. I will get you the highest value for your home and ensure that you avoid costly mistakes like this.

  4. Refusing to stage your home - Empty and cluttered homes significantly reduce home values. As a top Lubbock realtor, I know what home buyers want to see when they open the door to your home. I'll stage your home for success, getting you the highest value for your home.

  5. Leaving your pets at home during home showings - I love pets, but home buyers don't. Our furry friends distract home buyers from seeing all the wonderful things your home has to offer. They can also get out and cause injuries to potential home buyers that you will be liable for.

  6. Bad Negotiating - I love selling homes and I've sold lots of them. Through experience I've learned what can and can't be done, how to keep my cool under pressure and how to successfully counter request from buyers to ensure you get the highest value for your home.


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