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December Home Maintenance

So far, it’s you: 1 

Winter: 0

Keep the score in your favor all winter long with 5 December home maintenance tips:

- Inspect attic insulation. If it’s level with or below your joists, you may need to add more.

- Clean your chimney and fireplace. If you have gas logs, compressed air clears away dust and soot.

- Check for drafts around exterior doors and replace weatherstripping or use a physical barrier if needed. 

- Put a few indoor and outdoor lights on timers. Added security and one less thing you have to remember. 

- Consider a security or doorbell camera. The holidays are rife with porch pirates. Plus, you can usually score a good deal this time of year.

What’s on your home to-do list this December? Drop how you like to winterize your home in the comments below.

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